WordPress plugin upgrade failed: solved by Core Control

August 3, 2009

I have been using WordPress 2.7.1 for a few months. In the very beginning of the first two months, I was able to upgrade the plugin, with some chances of failure. But lately, I was totally unable to upgrade the plugin in WordPress through built-in FTP. It just failed miserably, with the message: Download failed.: name lookup timed out.

Plugin upgrade failed

Plugin upgrade failed

As this problem has been happening with the chance of 100%, I suspect that this might be the problem from Web Host side, probably caused by incorrect setup or configuration. Until today I googled the problem, I eventually found a working solution, thanks and redirect by CarltonBale to WordPress Trac.

Here is the detailed solution of mine:

  1. Download Core Control plugin (version 0.8 as of 3th August ’09)
  2. Install Core Control plugin from Plugins > Add New
  3. Go to Core Control Settings page. Enable HTTP Access Module.
  4. External HTTP Access” fore will come out. Go to the page.
  5. Under Manage Transport, choose “Test Transport” for cURL.
  6. If it return the result: name lookup timed out, then disable the cURL transport.
Final look of core control settings

Final look of core control settings

And finally, plugins updates is working. Going to reduce the growing number beside Plugins tab 🙂

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