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Solving: Failed to install .NET Framework 4.0 with Error Code HRESULT: 0xc8000222

I am having problem installing .NET Framework 4.0 in my new notebook. Without any descriptive error message (this is what Microsoft always does!), there is no choice but to find the solution come out by non-microsoft guys.

Here come the solution:

Before installing .NET Framework 4.0,

  1. open cmd
  2. type in command "net stop WuAuServ" (disable windows update)
  3. Go to Run (you can do this by pressing Win + R) and type in "%windir%" (this command let you go to your windows system folder)
  4. Find the folder "SoftwareDistribution" and rename it as "SDold"
  5. Then, go back your previous command prompt and run the command "net start WuAuServ"
  6. Now, try to install .NET Framework again
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  1. I love you, thank you!!!

  2. You are awsome, thank you!

  3. Thanks Mate ;) u solve my problem :) appreciate u

  4. Great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks !

  5. Great Thanks Mate,,,i really appreciate you…

  6. Thank you, appreciate your help in resolving this!

  7. I still got the same problem

  8. now i realy should say thanks a lllllllllllllot

  9. i have been trying to install micro-soft .net framework 4 ,during the installation it stops installing and shows the error HRESULt:oxc8000222 .i have tried your instruction, i entered the command net stop WuAuServ ,it returns Access is denied ,but am the administrator of my pc. please help me.Waiting for your reply

  10. Clarence, you have to open Command Prompt using Run as Administrator.
    Type ‘cmd’ into the Start menu and then right-click the only option and ‘Run as Administrator.’

    Good Luck,

  11. I follow the steps.. but when i am renaming the SoftwareDistribution it says that “The Action can’t be completed because the folder or file in it is open in another program.”
    But i didn’t open the folder and surely that WuAuServ stops successfully. I tried to stop again the service and it says it’s already stops. What should i do?

  12. Ohhhh YOu’re God man. thank’s so much

  13. Спасибо большое сделал заработало

  14. thank you so much

  15. thank you so mush

  16. Thank you so much !!!

  17. It worked, thanks a ton…

  18. Jaycee, you need to operate the cmd ass adm

  19. Thank you broooo you!!

  20. very nice ……………..very thankfully to you

  21. I can’t rename to SDold but net stop WuAuServ is “acess is Denied” System error 5 has occured. Why? Please help

  22. tnx a lot

  23. Thanks, It works!!

  24. Sehr guter Ansatz. Danke

  25. A million thanks man!!!
    Its just perfect!!!

  26. Thanks a lot man You Saved my lot of time. ;)

  27. Machi kalakitta po….
    Nice work…

  28. not bad…..
    u r awesome @@@

  29. Fantastic mate, worked like a charm (though the install bar did lag up a few times). Thanks!

  30. thank you very very much

  31. wow thanks alot, it works!

  32. Vc é o cara funcionou aqui abraço

  33. Thank you! It works for me.

  34. Thank you! It works for me

  35. Worked perfectly fine for error “Installation failed with error code: (0x8024000B)”

  36. hello iam have a problme with dotnet fx40 its blocking issuis

  37. i cannot rename the software distribution folder….it says the the file in it is open in another program…

  38. i have followed all your commands but still getting the same error any other solution….???

  39. Hey i have faced the same problem but i resolved the problem with the help of this link.

  40. Thanks man!!!
    now i can install game booster

  41. ты бог!!!спасибо

  42. Cant rename software distribution please help me

  43. Thank You so much. This exponation solve my problem.

  44. Thankyou life saver

  45. Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanx solved

  46. Khush krdia bhai :D

  47. It work 100% perfect
    a very big thank u to u …

  48. Thank u bro.. it is working 100% perfect

  49. You made our lives easy ..!! Thumbs up….

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